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This assignment is designed to help you prepare for your Fact Sheet by having you identify at least 5 sources of information that you will include in your Fact Sheet. These sources will be dependent on the topic you chose and the manner in which you intend to display the data, but all should be from reputable sources (think government reports, census data, well-organized interest groups, etc), be as currents possible, relevant to the intended audience, and be meaningful towards the point(s) you are trying to make with your fact sheet. 

For the assignment, you will use the provided form to cite the source, specify the data you intend to use, and explain how it will increase the effectiveness of your Fact Sheet. You will do this for each of the five sources you select for a total of five completed forms. After completing the data gathering exercise you will then use your sources to develop a one-page (two-sided) document that includes information on the social issues topic they have selected. Fact Sheets are designed to deliver accurate, factual, and impact information on a particular issue.

Because this assignment is to be completed in conjunction with the Social Issues Presentation, students should consider how this document will support their presentation. While conducting research for their presentation, students will determine which pieces of information they wish to convey via the Fact Sheet. Often, Fact Sheets are used to introduce someone to an issue or as a “Leave-Behind” that is given to policymakers for reference. Therefore, students will need to strike a balance between introducing a topic and providing detailed information about the topic. Additionally, students should strive for effective brevity in that policymakers want to be fully informed, but in the most efficient way possible given the demands on their time. In addition to being informative, Fact Sheets should also be visually appealing. Visual aids, such as charts or graphs are a useful way to communicate data when space is limited. Clarity and creativity matter.

Below are several elements that must be included on the Fact Sheet:

     -Relevant information about the nature, scope and severity of the issue

     -An explanation of the desired action

     -Citations for any data used (best done as footnotes)

     -Some information about where an individual can learn more about the topic or take action (i.e. the websites for relevant organizations)


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