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In many ways this assignment is a culminating project for the semester. By this point, we have explored the full range of career stages and issues. As you are conducting your interviews you will be able to discern the various components of the course in your interviewees’ answers. I am looking for your application of your course knowledge.

Information Interviews are KEY to developing your professional network, increasing your knowledge of your chosen field and are a great way to build interviewing skills. For this assignment, you will be interviewing TWO professionals currently employed in your target job title.

Please review this PowerPointPreview the document for full assignment details and sample questions as discussed in class.

To write your report, include:

Part 1-
Compare and contrast your interviewees. This includes:
– What you learned about your field. 
– What you think about the job as they described it.
– What you found helpful/concerning.
– How their answers were similar or dissimilar.

Part 2-
Critically analyze the information you gathered during your interviews.
– How the information has shaped your career decision?
– What changes (if any) you will make to your career path?
– What steps you will take to be the most prepared for this job?
– How the job, as described by your interviewees, compare to your career values, skills, interests, and personality as discussed in the beginning of the course?

Minimum 3 pages typed, double spaced. Edit and proofread your document closely. Remember to cite all references. 

Related Learning Objectives:

  • Describe your career path reflecting your goals and dreams. (21st Century Work)
  • Analyze a career path utilizing a career development model. (21st Century Work)
  • Identify the key components of a thriving professional network. (Networking)
  • Learn ways to show good etiquette in your communication habits. (Professional Attire and Ettiquette)
  • Discuss how your career values are affected by the different life stages. (Self Exploration)
  • Identify how personality impacts career choice. (Self Exploration, Personality)
  • Identify how personality impacts career success. (Self Exploration, Personality)
  • Identify ways to successfully manage your first year at a job.(Navigating the World of Work)
  • Learn how to prepare for and achieve a promotion. (Navigating the World of Work)
  • List success strategies for developing office relationships. (Navigating the World of Work)

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