Impact of covid-19 on security and emergency management | Security Management

*** Requirements***

At least 7 and no more than 8 pages

12 -point font size- Times New Roman

Double spaced

1-inch margins

*** Mandatory Requirements ***

Use of scholarly authority: Your response must demonstrate original thought. Utilize quotation

to support your argument while maintaining the academic integrity of your paper.

Include at least 10 distinct academic sources

Reference these sources at least 30 times in your text.

*** All three questions must be answered ***

The challenges of COVID-19 have been far and wide and the world of security and

emergency management has been heavily impacted. Assume you a Director of Security

or Emergency Services. Respond to the following questions:

1. Identify three major challenges your location likely experiences in the COVID

world. Analyze why these conditions caused by COVID generate such concern for the

client served and the people employed within.

2. Discuss and list strategies for minimizing and mitigating the risks of the

pandemic. Be specific about these particular protocols. Provide at least 3 examples of

these policies and practices which assure a safer and more secure environment.

3. Discuss and analyze 3 measures which protect your security and emergency

employees who encounter the pandemic on a daily basis.

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