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Students will be required to post one (1) original response and one (1) supplemental response based on another student’s post. Students are expected to post high quality messages (e.g., well-written, addressing multiple perspectives, citing sources, etc.) that are related to the discussion topic. Posting additional questions or responding to multiple discussion questions is encouraged but will not be graded.

  1. Each discussion should be 300 words or more for the Original post and 200 words or more for the Supplemental post. Just “I agree” or “I disagree” or “it is a good point” etc. are not acceptable discussion posts. Students must analyze and critically discuss the topic of the discussion.  Points will be deducted for word count.
  2. Each discussion must discuss an original issue from the reading and should respond to another post. Copying and Pasting will be reported and Turnitin will be used to analyze the originality of your work. Using your own work and pasting it to a new post is also not acceptable.
  3. Each weekly discussion is worth TWO (2) points.
  4. In order to get two full points, the discussion should be submitted on or before the deadline, must be at least 300 and 200 words (respectively), and must be related to important concepts discussed in weekly readings, and post one (1) original response and one (1) supplemental response based on another student’ s post.

Each post will be given up to one (1) full point depending on the grade it is given. For example, a full TWO points will be rewarded if the original response receives a score of Excellent (1 point) and if the supplemental response receives a score of Excellent (1 point) as well. Note that though students may respond several times to other classmates, only one response post will be accepted.

Discussion Prompt:
Pick any concept from your readings (PowerPoint or text) or discuss the following concept and discuss.

No country is immune from sex trafficking, and the United States has a significant trafficking problem that potentially extends into every state and county. Women and children everywhere—even in the heart of America’s heartland—are being exploited. Yes, even in the U.S. this evil is increasing and destroying lives, despite a proliferation of federal and state anti-trafficking laws, awareness campaigns, law enforcement training programs, activism, growing media coverage, and even Hollywood films on the subject.

Why are traffickers growing bolder and richer? Why are the numbers of victims ever increasing? Who is ultimately responsible? Where do you think the greatest promise for combatting human trafficking comes from (NGOs, legislation, enforcement, etc.)

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