History of california exam 2

I need 30 slide PowerPoint :

Focus on:

importance and hardship of finding food in California during the Gold Rush. Prior to the gold rush California was a territory which was focused on agriculture. However after James W. Marshall discovered gold on January 24, 1848, about 300,000 immigrants from all over the world moved to California to take a chance at finding their fortune. 

About how the migration of hundreds of thousands people in 1848 and 1849 affected the economy of california. How it affected the agriculture of California, eventually affected the available food supply and how the price of food has increased as the demand increased. 

Highlight the effects and consequences of the gold rush and immigration of hundreds of thousands of people on the economy of California. Also to further emphasis how every historically significant event has a lot of parts that we may not pay enough attention to. When we discuss the Gold Rush everyone is mostly focused on Gold and how it was found. No one really pays attention to how those miners were finding food to survive and how the immigration affected the available food supply. 

All the research materials you used to put together your presentation must be listed. You need to have at least seven legitimate college-level sources MLA format. 

No wikipedia, or anything similar!

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