Guantanamo bay | Biology homework help

1.    Guantanamo Bay remains open today.  Why did President Obama fail to close the detention facility after signing the executive order in 2009 on his second day in office?  What is the March 2011 executive order all about?

2.    About how many prisoners have transferred out of Guantanamo, where did they go and how many are left today?  Who are the notorious?  What’s up with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? What about the five terrorists exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl? Catch up here:  And you say?

3.    Who is Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and what’s his story?

4.    In February of last year a high valued detainee, Majid Khan, reached a plea deal with military prosecutors calling for him to testify against other detainees.  Does this mean that perhaps the facility is working and that Guantanamo military tribunals do indeed not only provide adequate judicial process, but also provide important information gathering and, at the same time, preserve classified information?  Or should detainees simply be tried in U.S. courts?  In this case, should we use Guantanamo as a holding facility until prisoners are transferred and tried in federal court?

5.    How are detainees categorized?  Does Guantanamo violate habeas corpus or are detainees provided a form of habeas corpus?  Discuss.

6.    In your own words, what is torture and has it occurred at Guantanamo?  Is coercive interrogation tactics torture?  If so, can you provide some examples and should “tortured” detainees only be tried in a military tribunal at Guantanamo?  .   

7.   Should high-ranking captured terrorists be tortured or be subject to “enhanced interrogation techniques to obtain timel, vital information (remember Grandpa)? Is torture occurring in Guantanamo today?  Or are detainees treated adequately in Guantanamo?  Afterall, there is a soccer field there for detainees to play on….

8.    Should Guantanamo be closed or do you think it aids America’s fight against al Qaeda, the Taliban other terrorists and would-be bioterrorists?  Last but not least, what’s new with Guantanamo, especially with the new administration?

Read the article attach and answers complete 8 questions above.

APA format,in-text citation, reference include, 2 pages

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