General psychology discussion | Psychology homework help

This Discussion has two parts:

1) For this discussion take this quick learning styles quiz: (Links to an external site.)

  1. Where you surprised by the result?
  2. What feedback do you have about the process of assessing your learning style? How accurate do you think the questions are?
  3. Do the results explain how you study now or help you think about changing the way you study?

2) Read the article What You Don’t Know Can Kill You.  The article has five online “pages” so be sure you read all of them.  The article can be found here:

AFTER you read the article, make an initial posting in this week’s discussion board in which you discuss an aspect of the article.  To earn a high score, you must really explore the topic.  Adding comments based on your own experience is encouraged, but be sure to also tie what you write to the article in a clear way.  At a bare minimum, you must write at least two paragraphs with five sentences each.  Also, be sure you edit your work.  

Here is how you will reference the article:
Daley, J. (2011, October 8). What You Don’t Know Can Kill You.  Discover Magazine.  Retrieved from

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