Essay: issues of race | English homework help


it is important to establish standards to guide student behavior and classroom interaction. For this assignment you have the choice of two options:

1. Scenario Response

Do some research (look for news articles, videos, or other reports) and find a school-based scenario that involves bullying based on gender or race. For example in this article, describe how you would take action beyond those of the teachers in the article who simply say “I hear you.”

If you wish, rather than searching for one, you may write your own scenario. Describe the situation in detail, and illustrate the actors and the situation.

Next, describe the appropriate response to the situation. Draw your recommended actions from the research and conversations you developed from this course. Explain why the response you recommend is effective and the results that would be achieved.

2. Action Plan

Design a plan of action that includes at least three activities or approaches you will take to help create a classroom or school culture that fosters empathy and tolerance. Use resources such as Classroom Culture from the Teaching Tolerance website or other resources you research to spark ideas. Your plan must include the following:

Objectives Resources Description of at least three activities you will either do yourself, or engage with your students.

Submit your assignment as a 1- to 2-page Word document


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