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Readings (Choose one):

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. “The Yellow Wallpaper”.



The purpose of an analysis essay is to apply a specific critical or theoretical lens to a character, issue, or theme in a chosen reading. This involves understanding the primary reading, and also understanding topics or discussions within a critical framework (like Feminism) or the application of a particular scholar’s argument to “The Yellow Wallpaper”. For example, we might analyze the narrator’s actions in “The Yellow Wallpaper” using Philip Zimbardo’s application of “power” in his “Stanford Prison Experiment.” We might also apply a theory or concept from outside the discipline of English (e.g. from your own major, or area of academic or professional interest) to a work we’ve read for this class.


How Do I Do This?


·      Write a 5 page Analysis essay on “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

·      Cite specific examples from the chosen primary reading, as well as “outside” sources that you find via your research process to support your claims.

·      Use MLA style for your essay formatting and citations

·      Be sure to read your chosen primary and secondary texts several times, and annotate them. You want to be “conversant with the texts.”

·      Challenge yourself to understand what your chosen authors are arguing, and HOW those arguments are being articulated, so that you can apply a specific theory or idea to your primary text.



Be Careful To Avoid:

·      Summarizing too much. Assume that your readers are familiar with all of the possible texts.

·      Too general of a discussion—this analysis assignment is a bit more specific in nature than your explication was.


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