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Read the Sample Student Paper from a past student in my  English 101 class closely.  You may want to print it out and mark it up.  Think about how the writer is trying to reach out to you personally through words. Then answer the following questions.  Each question counts 10 points.

English 101 SSPaper2VisualTextAnalysis-1Model.docxPreview the document

1)  The students had the same analysis assignment in their class as yours.  What formatting issues are present that were done correctly?  What formats are missing?  Why do we need proper formatting in order to read an essay?

2) What is the ad of this essay?  Give the title or the description.

3)  In your own words, what is the thesis that this student argues?

4) Notice the three components or categories that the student uses.  What three components (criteria) did the student use to judge and evaluate the ad? Hint: Remember components can be audience, purpose, tone, mood, ethos, logos, pathos, and some writers create on their own.  

5) Give two examples from the paper where the student writer proves this ad was designed for an highly educated audience.

6) What really stands out to you about this essay?  You must find one point that really works in this essay and explain what the point means to you.

7) What is something the writer could have addressed in this essay for the audience?  Find one reasonable point you think you, as a reader, would want to know or know more about in this essay.

8) Does the writer find the ad effective or ineffective?  How do you know this?

9) What message is the writer trying to get across to us readers?  What is the writer asking us to do in our own lives in real time?

10) Do you think the writer is being fair in  his view of our role in conservatism (saving animals), or is the writer asking too much of us?  Explain.

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