Employee engagement | olcu 613 | Brandman University

Prepare a 5-page paper that 1) identifies two (2) best practices to effectively engage employees, 2) compares the best practices to the actual practices of a specific organization, 3) makes specific recommendations for that organization, and 4) identifies two (2) insights gained into employee engagement including specific actions to enhance leader effectiveness. Support your analysis with four (4) scholarly sources three of which are journal articles.

The analysis should:

  • Define and discuss two best practices from scholarly sources to motivate and engage employees
  • Assess how effectively one organization engages employees comparing and contrasting its efforts to the two best practices; support your description of the organization’s practices with evidence such as specific examples
  • Based on your analysis make specific recommendations to enhance employee engagement in that organization
  • Discuss two insights gained into employee engagement including specific actions you will take as a leader to enhance your effectiveness in engaging employees

Please utilize the book reframing organizations. 

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