Dplyr & ggplot2 | Business & Finance homework help

# Assignment 

# StudentGrades dataset contains data about student exam scores

# in a school district. Upload it to your Rstudio and 

# read the data set into memory using the following code:

d = read.csv(“StudentGrades.csv”)


# Questions

# Use dplyr and ggplot2 packages to answer the following 

# questions.



# 1) Create a histogram of math scores for females in ethnicity Group A.

# 2) Create a boxplot of a weighted score which is calculated

#    as wScore = 0.30*reading score + 0.30*writing score + 0.40*math score

#    for male students whose parents are master degree educated. 

#    In the x-axis, we want to see test prep course variable. Also, put

#    y-axis label as “Weighted Score”. 

# 3) We are wondering if reading and writing skills go hand in hand.

#    To investigate this visually, create a scatter plot, with reading

#    scores in the x-axis and writing in the y axis. Use color blue for

#    dots in the chart and transparency level is 0.3. Then, put one

#    vertical line going through the mean of reading score, and

#    one horizontal going through the mean of writing score, both in

#    black color.

# 4) We are wondering about mean math scores for each parent education

#    level. Calculate these mean values (meanMath) using group_by() and

#    summarize() functions first, then pipe the resulting data to ggplot

#    to create a bar chart using parent education in the x-axis,

#    and meanMath in the y axis.

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