Discussion board 4.2: “shaping” my professional development

  • Why is self-reflection important to the lifelong learner?
  • What is formative evaluation?
  • How do YOU incorporate reflective thinking into your daily actions and habits in order to make a change or to improve your knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs)?


Your assignment is to create a brief (two minute) video communication in order to evaluate personal growth in the course from a formative perspective.  Formative evaluation is important to public health leaders and to YOU as a lifelong learner as the process provides you with feedback in real time.  What you do moving forward with this information is up to you!

Centered around four shapes: square, triangle, circle and arrow, this reflection exercise provides you with an opportunity to conduct an informal formative assessment, or checkpoint that will serve as a foundation upon which you can move forward in a more efficient and effective manner.

This video will require you to reflect from the Four Shapes perspectives, looking inward, outward, backward and forward.  This learning activity requires you to think about the  knowledge you have gained thus far in KINE 4354 and share the lessons learned with your classmates. 

  1. First, think about how you plan to approach this assignment.  I advise that you think about each shape and make a few notes vs. recording your video in an unplanned or spontaneous manner.
  2. Your first shape to address is the SQUARE.  What learning activity(ies) in the course have provided you with content or material that SQUARED with your own thinking (i.e., that you agreed with)?  
  3. Your second shape to address is the TRIANGLE.  What three points are your main takeaways so far from the course materials or learning activity(ies)?  
  4. Your third shape to address is the CIRCLE.  After being presented with the KINE 4354 learning activities and content so far, what thoughts are still CIRCLING around in your head?
  5. Your fourth shape to address is the ARROW.  What have you learned so far that you will take, moving FORWARD into your career?  Have you identified areas for self-growth or self-improvement?  Have you had any AHA moments?  Share those with your classmates!
  6. Now that you have organized your thoughts, create your video in an mpv or mov format ONLY.  You also can record a video directly in your Canvas discussion board by clicking on the “Record/Upload Media” icon and then clicking on the “Record” tab. If you submit in another format and your instructor cannot view the video, you will receive a zero on this assignment.
  7. Practice a couple of times prior to recording and uploading your final video.

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