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Critical Thinking Question:

You have decided to buy a car (new or used) but you are not sure how to go about it or what matters. You have just gotten married and you and your spouse are expecting. Your spouse brought several children (2 and 8) and a large dog (great dane) to the marriage as well as a mother-in-law (needs cane).  You have to commute with the vehicle but the payment cannot be about $490.00 a month. 

Respond to this question by describing the problem, developing custom decision criteria and providing a rational for your decision. The cost of $490.00 includes the interest. It does not include insurance, gas or up keep. Your response must be in-depth and in detail explaining every individual point requested in the instructions. Actual print out of car recommended to purchase.

Provide a car to buy not to lease or an alternative method like uber. Also provide the URL where I can see your recommendation. 

Generic criteria to apply:






Also learners can use custom criteria they develop

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