Data analysis ( scientific paper)

 Original Paper, Plagiarism free paper, 6-7 page paper, 6-7 reference. APA format 

  • Title
  • Introduction
    • Background
    • Hypothesis
    • Research question
  • Methods: where your data came from
    • Statistical methods used and Program (R)
  • Descriptive statistics table(  mean, median, standard deviation) 
    • Discuss 
    • 2-3 graphs. Axises labeled
  • Significance tests:
    • T-tests
    • Anovas
    • Correlations
    • Regressions
    • (Based on what you want to show)
    • DISCUSS, in words!
  • Couple of graphics to summarize the results
  • Discussion and conclusion
  • Literature in consistent format, cited in your text
    • I expect 4-5 peer reviewed papers cited to introduce your topic AND to support your conclusion.

    The data to be analyze is attached below. 

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