Csci 457 assignment 3 – biography viewer | CSCI 457 | Texas A&M University

Choose one of your favorite games, and implement an app that shows the biography of each character of the game.


  • Your app should show a list of characters in the main view using a table view.
  • A small icon and some brief information of each character should be displayed in the table
  • The user can scroll up and down to see the full list.
  • The user can swipe right to reveal two buttons to favorite a character or unfavorite a
  • A checkmark is displayed for each favorite character, and the checkmark is removed if the
    character is unfavored.
  • The user can touch a character to open a detail view to see the character’s large portrait and
    full biography.
  • Do not use parallel arrays. Use a class for the characters.

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