Cs-160- computer architecture and machine language

Portfolio Prompt Six – Computer Architecture and Machine Language


  • Translate the following instructions from English into the machine language given with this assignment (Appendix C).

a. LOAD register 6 with the hexadecimal value 77.

b. LOAD register 7 with the contents of memory cell 77.

c. JUMP to the instruction at memory location 24 if the contents of register 0 equals

the value in register A.   

d. ROTATE register 4 three bits to the right.

e. AND the contents of registers E and 2 leaving the result in register 1.






  • The following are instructions written in the machine language given with this assignment (Appendix C). Translate them into English.

a. 7123 

b. 40E1  

c. A304

d. B100 

e. 2BCD








Section of main memory

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