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Guideline: You will be responsible for one original post, and two responses to posts of your classmates. 

Your original post is due in 2 days, and after post that, I will send you two posts from my classmates, and then you need to reply to those two post in the following day. The original post can be 1 page, and the two responses can be half page each.

For your original posting, you will respond to the question(s) that are asked for the week. You will want to think about responding fully, in a way that fully answers the question, and also incorporates other aspects of graduate level thinking, such as (for example) critical thinking; analyzing issues from multiple perspectives; demonstrating awareness of costs and opportunities of decisions; incorporating or applying course material; and/or bringing in your own real-world experience with the topic at hand. 

For your two responses to other students, you have lots of options. As examples, you can explain why you agree/disagree with what is said, with sufficient explanation or argument to support your position;  you can evaluate what is said by comparing/contrasting what we are learning in the course, or with your experience or knowledge; you can also share an example or story that illustrates the point that the original poster made. 

Questions you have to answer this week:

After viewing the TED talk by Professor Amy Edmonson, think about her suggestions for how to be an effective leader during a crisis. (eg: communication, taking quick action, leading with purpose and values, power). Based on your readings for this week, consider how leadership can vary across cultures. Reflect on how her suggestions may be interpreted or applied differently by people from different cultural backgrounds.  

Pick one of her suggestions to focus on.  Questions to address:

1.  How can this leadership suggestion be differently construed, enacted, interpreted, or applied by people from different cultures?  If it helps, you can choose two cultures or identify specific cultural values/dimensions to compare. 

2. Why is considering how to adapt this leadership suggestion to culturally different employees even more important during a time of crisis?  In responding, you can refer to a specific crisis occurring now, such as the pandemic or economic recession; you can give an example based on a real situation you have experienced or observed; or you can make up an example situation to help demonstrate your point. 

You need to answer all of the questions above, and must apply the content from the articles and video I uploaded. The link of the video:

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