Create_my_guitar_shop.sql | Management homework help

These exercises all use the create_my_guitar_shop.sql (Links to an external site.). Write the code for each and save the code (each code segment identified and separated) in Notepad. Submit your completed assignment via Canvas. 

To test whether a table has been modified correctly as you do these exercises, you can write and run an appropriate SELECT statement.

1) Write an INSERT statement that adds this row to the Categories table: category_name:  Brass 
and Code the INSERT statement so MySQL automatically generates the category_id column.

2) Write an UPDATE statement that modifies the row you just added to the Categories table. This statement should change the category_name column to “Woodwinds”, and it should use the category_id column to identify the row.

3) Write a DELETE statement that deletes the row you added to the Categories table in exercise 1.

 This statement should use the category_id column to identify the row





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