Create a histogram and frequency table

Expectations for the Week 2 Application Project: Summarizing data 60 Points Possible  1 _______ If you have not already done so, please take Walden’s academic integrity and TurnItIn tutorial to clarify your understanding of academic integrity issues and to learn how to avoid plagiarism. This online tutorial is available here: 1 _______ 2 _______  3 _______  4 _______ Part I: Create a histogram and frequency table • Open data set and name variables given • Create a a histogram using given class widths and staring point • Complete frequency table based on the histogram • Complete questions based on frequency table 0 – 20 points possible 1 _______ 2 _______ Part II: Compare data sets • Create a box plot and copy/paste into word document • Describe at least one similarity and one difference shown on the graph 0 – 10 points possible 1 _______ 2 _______  3 _______  4 _______  5 _______  6 _______ Part II Finding descriptive values • List variables in data set given • Find the summary stats for each indicated column • List any values you believe to be outliers in each column and explain WHY you suspect these to be outliers • Create five number summary for each column • Create a box plot for each column • Create a histogram for each column 0 – 30 points possible Academic Honesty Review the class announcements and resources related to academic honesty and avoiding plagiary. Make sure that your application does not plagiarize from other authors. Recognize that whenever passages written by other authors are used in your work they must be enclosed in quotation marks and the original source must be cited. Applications demonstrating plagiary are worth zero point

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