Corporate it security audit compliance

 Go to the following URL: 

This is the Information I require you to explain in your own words: (do not just tell me what it is research and explain it to me)

1) What does the executive order state, within the context of Cybersecurity?

2) What is the NIST FISMA Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), and what does it perform?

3)  What is HIPPA and what does it do?

4) What is SOX and what does it do?

5) What is PCI-DSS and what does it do?

6) What is GPG-13 and what does it do?

7) What are US State-Laws and what do they do?

8) What is Cybersecurity framework?

9) What is the cost of Non-Compliance? 

10) What items should be reviewed during a Cybersecurity compliance Audit?

These are not questions, but rather topics that must be included in the paper.

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