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File submission: Laboratory spreadsheet     Objective of the activity  Through the lab activity, students will practice basic spreadsheet skills, such as:  Create spreadsheets with predefined Microsoft Excel functions. Create, enter, store and organize alphanumeric data. Use types of formulas to automate processes. Use graphical representations of data in spreadsheets. Instructions  Access the document.  Laboratory spreadsheet.docxPreview the document 

Deliverable  The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. Each student must submit one (1) only workbook. The book will, in turn, have three spreadsheets.  To develop the three (3) exercises follow the instructions.  After completing the lab, you should save the file as Excel Lab. 

Basic review resources  Hoisington, C .; Freund, S .; Vermaat, M .; Pratt, P. J.; Last, M. Z .; Schmieder, E .; Sebok, S. L. & Starks, J. (2016). Shelly Cashman series Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2016: Introductory. Cengage. Hernández, C. L. (2018). Create Charts. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) GCFGlobal Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) GCFGlobal Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) Supplemental Review Resource  Usero Vilchez, J. (2012). Create a simple spreadsheet. Recovered from Office automation Excel 01 Create a simple spreadsheet Computer Science Academy Usero (Links to an external site.) Office Automation Excel 01 Create a simple spreadsheet Informatics Academia Usero 

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