Competitive strategy 2 | Management homework help


This is a 2 – Part Discussion (Competitive Strategy 2)

Part 1:

Write two initial reaction posts (one to each primary question prompt) each with a 100-word minimum. The post is listed below. Both initial reaction posts must be posted by Thursday

1. What organization best exemplifies your preferred competitive strategy?

2. What makes them stand out?

A) Writing has to be Original/ use your own words

B) No less than 100 words each question


D) Answer the 2 questions within your discussion

Part 2:

You must read and respond to two other students’ initial reaction post (100-word minimum each). The two additional reaction posts (from 2 other students) will be added to this assignment on Thursday and response must be posted by Saturday.


Spencer Dalton Reeves

As a customer on the receiving end of business my preferred strategy would have to be the best cost provider. In the modern market people have come to expect both high quality products and services while also wanting these to remain relatively affordable. An organization that I believe utilizes this strategy most effectively is the Toyota motors corporation. Toyota has gained the reputation for having extremely high quality vehicles while also being able to maintain fairly low cost when it comes to production. Being able to combine these two attributes has allowed Toyota to out compete even the once top American based companies such as GMC. Having companies that see the need for a low cost high quality product has become the accepted standard. Organizations that are able to adapt to this have found high levels of success in their respective markets.

Michael Jones

A company that stands out in the differentiation strategy is Church and Dwight. This company manufacturers the well known brand arm and hammer.  Arm and hammer is widely known for baking soda. The company created opportunity with there product to cover many different sectors. For example, arm and hammer tooth paste, laundry detergent, fridge and freezer food saver, deodorant, carpet cleaner. The company could of just stuck with baking soda and probably would have done just fine.  Instead the company took a differentiation strategy approach and capitalized on the innovative ideas to market the product arm and Hammer are best known for. 

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