Comparing and contrasting documentation | Computer Science homework help


Given the material covered in Module 3 (Hardware) and Module 4 (Software), your personal experience, and our good friend reliable sources, provide a well-formatted MS Word document (with citations) that provides a framework for comparing two different computing solutions for both hardware and software issues. [Hint: Such a document would most likely include an introduction paragraph, a table comparing individual characteristics, and a conclusion paragraph.]

For example, you might want to compare an iPhone X with an iPhone 7, or an iPhone X with a Galaxy 7, or a PS4 with an XBox, or an Apple Air with a Razer Blade Stealth.

Considerations might include:

  • # of (or importance of) exclusive software products available for that system
  • backwards compatibility for “old” materials from previous systems
  • cost of the system
  • compatibility of the system with supporting services (such as the cell phone network, gaming community, or preferred app store) 
  • availability of support for the system
  • disk space
  • type of external media supported
  • Graphics Card capabilities
  • Processor speed
  • Peripherals support

…Or any other considerations you consider important. A minimum of 2 hardware and 2 software factors must be included.

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