Cj 300 5-1 final project milestone three: methodology

 Submit Milestone Three of your final project.

For Milestone  Three, you will continue to build off of your previous work toward your  final project and evaluate the methodology of the five articles you  included in your annotated bibliography, such as their validity and  ethical considerations. Your research here will help your supervisor  ensure his or her future research is both ethical and valid.

Refer to the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document for more information on submission requirements and how the assignment will be graded.

 Teacher comments:

Overall, you did a great job with a somewhat  complex assignment. You hit all the necessary points as indicated within  the assignment guidelines. I wish you had expanded on some main points  more, you were so close. You left me wanting more in the areas of  validity issues within some of your sources and ethical considerations  within some of your sources. 

   There are some choppy or awkward phrases here and there. I think they  are mere typos. Overall, you write well. If you read aloud, this will  allow you to detect these awkward areas more easily so that you can make  any necessary corrections. 

  By no  means did you do poorly in this paper, you achieved an A. But, please  take note of my comments throughout your paper in addition to comments  regarding APA formatting. 

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