Ccis – email professor dropbox 3


Imagine that you have received a grade on an assignment and you are confused. Perhaps the feedback is missing or unclear, or you believe the grade is unfair. Keeping in mind the information provided in the Professor’s Perspective lecture, craft an email to your professor in which you describe your concern and request assistance.

The email you write should be 50-75 words in length and formatted to look like an email. The email will be graded according to the Email Your Professor Rubric. Below

 Content3 points

Email describes student’s concern and requests assistance.

 Appropriateness11 points

Email is written appropriately and shows evidence the student has reviewed the material in the Professor’s Perspective lecture.

 Spelling, grammar, etc.3 points

Email has 0-1 errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.

 Email Length3 points

Email is at least 50 words

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