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Cause and Effect Essay                     


For this essay, you are to write an essay explaining the causes and/or effects of a situation. The essay should have a strong thesis that is defended though the essay.

Grade weight

15% of your final grade/150 points

Essay Type

  • Causes and Effect Essay
  • Students will choose their own topics.


900 to 1,200 words  (Points will be deducted for essays less than 850 words)

Point of View

3rd person/ Here are links to a resources that explain more:


Academic tone suitable for a college educated audience


  • Three (3) sources are required.
  • One (1) source must come from the PGCC databases
  • A Works Cited page must be attached with the sources listed alphabetically in MLA format.

Recommended Structure

  • Introduction- have a hook, enough background to orient your reader, and a thesis that identifies whether you will focus on causes, effects or both.
  • Body -Discuss various links in the causal chain, either tracing it backwards from effect to first cause, or beginning with the first cause. • Use transitions to ANALYZE the process rather than simply providing what amounts to a glorified play-by play narration (also know as process) • Present the causes chronologically and without missing links.
  • Conclusion • Return to thesis, then speculate on possible first causes to right a bad effect or possible other causes that might have destroyed or otherwise altered the good effect.


MLA- 12pt Times New Roman, 1-inch margins

  • Here is a video to help with formatting in Microsoft Word


  • Reading: Successful College Writing Chapter 18
  • Assignment Rubric

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