Bw texas gov’t final paper



Throughout the semester you have been learning about government and its actions. You have realized that, because of your specific ideology and political culture, there are issues you care about more than others. You see problems and you want solutions. For some of these, you believe government, a specific area of government, should be the one to fund and implement the solution. These areas of action are policy areas and in the end, what government is all about. 

Un Pick one of the policies areas you have been discussing this semester for your Final Policy Discussion Paper.

Upload a three-page essay that covers -at minimum- the points outlined below:


  1. What is the problem you are trying to solve.
  2. Which interest group would probably put it on the agenda
  3. Which party would probably be interested in putting it on its platform
  4. What area of policy does it belong to?
  5. What level of government should probably handle it?
  6.  Which institution should probably implement it?
  7. How would you evaluate if your proposed policy is working towards solving the problem?a

Use an essay format.  Don’t forget to cite your sources.

  • Post a summary of your Policy proposal
  • Determine the problem, explain some of the issues,
  • Explain your solution
  • Explain how you will evaluate if the policy is working.:
  • and how you would evaluate if it is working

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