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In-the-News Topic: Digital Transformation

Note: The purpose of this assignment is for you to research and understand the multiple issues/challenges companies and CIOs face when considering/implementing Digital Transformations. This will help you better understand today’s class and help you to actively participate in class discussions.

As a bonus – You will be using the learnings from these article to inform your Case Analysis.

Articles must be current to within one week of the assignment. ( You can use news from 8/25/2020 to 8/31/2020.)

Please follow this format with the item headers in bold.

Page 1:

Section Number:
In the News Topic: (as noted above)
Article Title:
Source: (Proper citation)

[3 Line Spaces]

Executive Summary: (A short paragraph, 5-7 sentences)

[2 Line Spaces]

Why Important to a CIO: (A short paragraph, 5-7sentences)

Page 2:

Attach the first page of the article (Soft copy must be submitted as one file)

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