Bus 660 week 1 discusions 1 &2

DISCUSSION :1  Leadership has been described from various perspectives and defined by  different concepts. Based on the descriptions of leadership provided in  this week’s lecture and readings, present a personal definition of  leadership and explain why your definition is appropriate and relevant  to the practice of leadership today. Provide an example of a current  leader who embodies this definition. Explain how this individual is a  relevant example of your personal definition of leadership. 

DISCUSSION :2  Many schools of thought have developed throughout history that propose  various theories about the source and development of leaders, how  leaders are discovered, and how they can be identified. Early leadership  theories focused on the qualities that distinguished leaders from  followers; subsequent theories looked at other variables such as  situational factors and skill levels. Evaluate the similarities and  differences between two approaches or theories of leadership: the trait  approach and behavioral theory; the Situational Leadership® Model and  authentic leadership theory; or the transformational and transactional  leadership theories. Begin by providing a brief summary of the two  approaches or theories of leadership you have chosen to analyze. Then,  examine the common characteristics and differences between the two  approaches or theories you selected.  Use a minimum of two scholarly  sources to support your post. 

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