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 If you were to start a franchise company, who would you ask to serve on your corporate topic? The key to a successful topic is to include people who think differently than you do, and who bring some additional expertise to the table. For this assignment, assume you are the founder/CEO of a new franchise company. Describe the type of business you will franchise (i.e., fast food restaurant, printing company, coaching business, etc.). Then develop a list of people (specific names are optional) and the expertise they will bring to the topic. The emphasis in this assignment is on the expertise. What expertise will you need to advise you and help you build a successful franchise business? 

3-4 pages + 5 references

APA format

Cms compare site | Management homework help

Below is all the details for the assignment. You will also find 2 links that are helpful for the assignment.Please be sure to follow each instruction that is listed below.


Week 6 Mini Assessment: CMS Compare Site: Metrics from a Consumer’s View


APA 7th Edition

 APA Formatted Cover Page

Downloaded CMS Comparison (PDF)

APA Formatted Essay on CMS Compare Site

APA Reference Page: (You do not need to cite the CMS Compare Site. If using other references, please include them on the reference page. Remember, every reference must have a correlating in-text citation.)


Background: Many healthcare consumers research providers, facilities, hospitals, and practices prior to obtaining care or healthcare services. CMS regulates many healthcare industries, making publicly recorded data available to people based on specific measures and metrics. This week we learned about different measures, metrics, and performance improvement considerations.  While a manager needs to understand these concepts and be able to deliver on these specific elements, the manager should also understand how consumers may utilize these metrics from a consumption standpoint and consumers’ view. Understanding how a consumer selects their care, influences your operations, revenue, and overall potential. Additionally, understanding the CMS comparison sites allows you to review your competition and determine the different areas that your organization may need to improve upon, build upon, or showcase. While there are many sources of data, one of the most common forms that consumers use to evaluate the care delivery options is through the use of CMS, as there is different information that is provided from a public perspective.

Short Essay: Using one of the CMS Compare Sites, provided in the links below, select an industry of interest and search three facilities or practices in your area. Once you have selected your three facilities, providers, or practices, within your industry of interest, then download your report from the CMS Compare Site. (Note: You may need to select the Print option on your website browser and save the comparison information from CMS as a PDF in order to be able to upload your comparison to the assignment dropbox.  You can also provide a screenshot, if you are unable to download the comparison report of your selected healthcare entities.)

1250 word minimum three scholarly sources due 4/27

This week, we learned about the rules surrounding search & seizure. Specifically, this Unit addressed the 4th Amendment’s search warrant requirement and the exceptions to it, as well as concepts of stop & frisk and arrests. For your Unit 2 Complete assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1200 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least three scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format.

  • Explain when arrest warrants are required. Likewise, explain when search warrants are required.
  • Explain the search incident to arrest doctrine. Also, summarize the plain view doctrine
  • What are the other main exceptions to the Fourth Amendment’s search warrant requirement?
  • Explain the Supreme Court’s decision in Terry v. Ohio.
  • Most Supreme Court cases pertaining to search and seizure involve actions that took place many years ago. Recently, however, there have been some new decisions rendered due to changing technology (2010 to present).  Research one and discuss the implications of new technologies for the Fourth Amendment. (i.e., GPS tracking, thermal imaging, cellphone searches, etc.)

Business management – ford case analysis



You have been hired as a consultant to help Ford Motor Company return to its glory days, when either Henry Ford or Alan Mulally ran the company. In doing so, you must produce a short report to Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, that conveys your observations of Ford’s current situation (situational analysis), and a proposal of strategic actions Ford should take to be the model automotive company of the 21st century. Thus, your task is to answer the following questions based solely on the information provided in the case:

1.Perform an analysis of Ford’s external and internal environments. As you do this, please make sure you organize your response by classifying external trends as opportunities and threats, and by classifying Ford’s internal environment as strengths and weaknesses. Because of the length of the report, select the most salient issues in your eyes. In addition, you must include at least three functional areas/value chain activities in your analysis of Ford’s internal environment (e.g., operations, marketing, and finance), and you must include issues regarding Ford’s financial situation.

2.Based on the external challenges (threats), positive external trends (opportunities), Ford’s limitations (weaknesses), and Ford’s strong suits (strengths) identified in point #1, provide 4 strategic suggestions for Ford’s executives to implement. In other words, combine opportunities/threats you identified, with Ford’s strengths/weaknesses in order to make suggestions on what decisions CEO Hackett needs to make. In your response, make sure you include both strategic actions related to business level strategy (how to compete) and corporate -level strategy (where to compete). Provide strong rationale for your choices. 


The analysis of the case should reflect both your understanding of the material covered in the text as well as other insights you have gained from other functional area courses. You are encouraged to approach the case with an integrated multi-functional perspective of the organization and to explicate recommendations clearly and concisely in writing. There are multiple possible answers to the questions provided. Use the critical thinking and problem solving skills you have developed through your university career.

Individual case analysis write-ups should be well thought out and not trivial. Answers should stick to the facts in the case and analysis. Provide strong reasoning and evidence from the case. 

All individual case analysis reports are due through the Assignments tab on Canvas. All case reports will be put through Unicheck, a plagiarism tool. The expectation is that you submit your own work. Any plagiarism will be punished to the greatest extent. If your analysis is found to be a copy of someone else’s work, you will earn a ZERO in your individual case analysis grade and you will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct. 


The case analysis report should be prepared using single-spacing (NOT double-spacing), Times New Roman 12-point font, and a 1-inch all-around margin. The case analysis report should be 3 to 4 pages in length. 

NOTE from Dr. Parker: Aim for 3 pages. This is roughly 1,000 – 1,200 words, so aim for this target. 

Please provide a cover page (not counted in the 3 pages) with your name, the title of the case, the name of the course, the course section, and the date. 

Any direct quotes from the case should appear in quotes and the page number should appear in parentheses.