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Biopsychosocial Assessment 

Utilizing the assessment model discussed in the textbooks (Chp 2,3,4), you will develop a strengths-based biopsychosocial assessment.  You will develop the assessment based on the “client” from their role play videos.  


The following areas must be addressed in the assessment:


  1. Demographic Data 

Date, name, age, sex, race, source of income, marital status, living arrangements, etc.

2. Presenting Problem (why this client is in your office)
3. Family History
Brief summary of childhood, born and raised, were parents married, with whom did you live growing up, who did you feel closest to, extended family relationships, are there family members you avoid or aren’t speaking to, significant relationships, how many times married/divorced, number of children and ages

4. Education and Work History/Military

5. Psychiatric and Medical History

Current medications and doses, are you taking as prescribed, history of suicidal/homicidal ideation, describe attempts, history of abuse, current stressors (deaths, divorce, financial, etc.)

6.Chemical Dependence History

First use, current use, last use, history of treatment, history of  DT’s blackouts, seizures, family history of treatment, do you smoke, physical disabilities.

7. General Appearance and Mental Status:

 A. Attention


C. Information

D. Attitude

E. Perceptual Disturbances

F. Thought Content

G. Willingness to participate

H. Ability to participate

I. Body Weight

J. Groom/Hygiene

K. Speech

L. Mood

M. Affective State

N. Signs/Symptoms

O. Thought Form

P. Perception

Q. Judgment

R. Insight

S. Oriented to

8. Recommended Interventions
Brief summary of the social worker’s recommendations to address the presenting problem(s)

This Paper should be 3 – 4 pages in length. Please adhere to the writing assignment policy in the Syllabus.

text book 

 Hepworth et al.,: Developing Resources, Organizing, Planning, and Intervention Strategies 

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