Authentic assessment: ecological footprint | evr 1001 | Valencia College

Compare the ecological footprint, biocapacity, and ecological reserve/deficit of the United States, Argentina, and Indonesia (find the countries in this map (Links to an external site.)). Answer in terms of the number and trends through time, as well as predict why these trends are happening. Analyze the data for each country, as well as compare the differences between the countries (you should have 4 paragraphs – 1 for each country and 1 comparing the three countries). You can look at other figures such as table at the bottom for increases and decreases in the different categories or figures in this map.

 What are three (3) ways you can realistically lessen YOUR ecological footprint and achieve a sustainable development? 

Im an average writer, looking for quality work but not too sophisticated.

My Foot Print Data:


4.7 earths 

Food: 3.2 gha 

Shelter 1.4 gha 

Mobility 1.3gha 

Good .08 gha 

Services 1.3 gha 

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