Assignment 5.1: module five most valuable points (mvps)

This assignment requires you to compose a one-page essay of your most valuable points (MVPs) from the Module Five learning materials and activities. You will choose up to three of the learning activities (readings and/or discussion boards) and summarize why you chose these particular points and how those relate to diversity, inclusion, equity and equality from a public health perspective.

This essay is important as it requires you to communicate in a written format, expressing yourself succinctly and effectively. Read the instructions below carefully and be sure to review the attached grading rubric.  I also advise you complete this essay early in the week so that you can get a writing tutor from the UTA Writing Cente (Links to an external site.)r to provide you with FREE feedback: 

Assignment Instructions: 

1. Download the template and save as a MSWord document only: 

KINE 4354 Assignment 5.1 Module Five Most Valuable Points (MVPs) Assignment Template_AP2.docx


2. Complete the template.  Be sure to read carefully and complete each required component. 

3. Upon completion, save the document and upload to this assignment portal.

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