assignment 4 – digital story using scratch


This is an individual assignment.

Purpose: Digital computing is created through programming. No matter what field you go into, have having a basic understanding of programming is becoming essential. This assignment will introduce you to some basic programming structures used block based programming. 


Scenario: you will create an interactive card to send to someone on a particular occasion (e.g. Mother’s day, friend’s birthday, or graduation; feel free to learn about a new holiday for this assignment: ) using Scratch online editor. You will use the free online Scratch software

Log in to Scratch (you should have already created an account to complete the Create Your Virtual Pet activity).

You can look up some examples here 

Your card should include at least two assets. The interaction between the assets should be created using the following programming constructs:

  1. Flowchart of your algorithm (steps in your code)
  2. Starting event. For example 
  3. Conditionals (if statement)  . Remember, you have to add a condition in this block. 
  4. Repetition (looping). For example
  5. Effects (looks, color, …etc). For example
  6. Events (‘broadcast’ and ‘when I receive events’) – at least one.

Note: If you are into art, you are encouraged to create your own assets using the Drawing editor in Scratch.

You should turn in the following deliverables:

  1. An algorithm or step-by-step decomposition of the interaction’s steps. Write this up in a document using Microsoft Word.
  2. The hyperlink to your digital card. Note: chose to SHARE your link. Your EDITOR link is private for you alone. Add your shareable link to your Word document. Send this to someone else to test it to make sure that it works. 
  3. You must turn in an original work. If you use assets you did not create or used a tutorial or example to help you create your work, give credit in your Word document. 
  4. Upload the Word document in CougarView.


Pts10Flowchart35Code uses a minimum of one of each: starting event, conditional, repetition, effect, and event10Code runs without error25Project uses at least 2 assets and conveys a clear message10Proper credit is given for assets and support tutorials used10Product is free from grammatical and spelling errors that detract from the final product100Total

Work must be original. Academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Students and the grade will be a zero. 

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