Assignment 2.2: follow the leader part i: planning

Assignment 2.2: Follow the Leader Part I: Planning 

This assignment will require you to identify a local public health or healthcare leader that you would like to schedule a meeting with during this course.  This leader can be someone you know or would like to meet as you think about your  future career and how he or she might be willing to serve as a mentor to you.

I advise you to select a leader who works in an organization in which you can see yourself working someday.  This interview assignment may serve to open doors for you in a way that may be valuable in expanding your professional network and maybe even in your future career!

The assignment is divided into three separate parts, all of which will be related to you making arrangements to meet with a public health leader.  In this assignment, you complete the initial planning.  In Assignment 3.1 Follow the Leader Part II: Progress Update, you will develop your talking points and/or questions that you plan to have on hand during your meeting.  Finally, in Assignment 6.2 Follow the Leader Part III: Interview and Follow-up, you will conduct the interview and then follow-up with a professional thank-you email communication.  

This series of assignments will provide you with a valuable networking and communication experience.    Through completion of the three assignments, you will be actively involved in planning, implementation , interpersonal interaction at a highly professional level, and follow-up.  A template is included for you to complete (see below) that will guide you through this planning assignment.  Be sure to review the grading rubric so that you are aware of how you will be graded.    

Assignment Instructions: 

1. Download the template and save as a MSWord document only: KINE 4354 Assignment 2.2 Follow the Leader Part I_Planning Template_Accessible_Edited 01.08.20 B.Garner.docx


2. Complete the template.  Be sure to read carefully and complete each required component. 

3. Upon completion, save the document and upload to this assignment portal.

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