Art- patrick dougherty | English homework help

Watch the video on artist Patrick Dougherty

Take notes on the video, Answer all the question below:

  • Name of the artist 
  • Biographical information
  • Describe their artwork 
  • Media/medium (the materials the artist uses to make their art)
  • Meaning of the work/ ideas the artist explores in their work and influences on their work( like childhood experiences)  
  • What is the artist’s process? (what are the steps in making the work from idea to finished piece- do they sketch the idea then create the artwork, do they have assistants)
  • A body of work is a group of artworks that explore the same theme/concept/idea and/or a group of works that are made out of the same medium/media. Did you see a body of work in the video? Did you see several bodies of work? Describe the body (bodies) of work.
  • What was something that stood out for you about this artist? 
  • Did you find something you disliked or disagreed with? 
  • Any other facts or thoughts from the video 

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