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  IT infrastructure has no security without access control. 


Residency Assignment 2 – Practical Connection Team Research Paper

It was estimated that security breaches cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016. These malicious attacks directed at companies result in denial of service (DOS), data theft, intellectual property, and heavy financial loss. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability form the tenets of information security and are collectively known as the C-I-A triad. Access control mechanisms ensure all authorized users have access to required information on demand, while denying access to unauthorized users.

Topic: IT infrastructure has no security without access control.

Suggested points to consider as you research for the topic:

· Contrast access control in relations to risk, threat and vulnerability.

· Exemplify the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA)

· Explain the relationship between access control and its impact on CIA (maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability).

· Describe access control and its level of importance within information security (include physical security).

· Argue the need for organizations to take implement access controls in relations to maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability (How safe is it to store customer information for repeat visits?)

Write your research paper in the following format using APA guidelines:


State the research topic you are trying to answer

State why the topic is important

State the issues involved

State why we should be concerned with resolving whatever issues are involved

State how discussing issues related to this topic is helpful

State the implications and consequences of dealing with or resolving the issues involved

State your answer to your research topic
State how and elaborate on how, explain how, illustrate how each of the sources you previously reviewed help you deal with the topic
State what questions about your topic you still have that your sources may not have answered

State the conclusions regarding your topic you have reached from having surveyed, interpreted, evaluated the literature
Indicate how each of the sources have contributed to your conclusions (and clearly, accurately, correctly document those sources within your text)
State the implications of your conclusions
State what might be the possible consequences of your conclusions
State the social significance these implications and consequences might have

On a separate page, include a section labeled References which provides the full publication information for all the sources you used in your paper
You should have a MINIMUM of three (4) sources for your paper
Not meeting this minimum requirement of three (4) sources will lead to a lower evaluation of your paper for each missing source
Use APA format for documenting your sources 

Requirements for the research paper include… 

Must be written in APA format and should be 10-12 pages long. 

Contain at least 3-5 works cited (references)

At least 2 of the works cited should be peer-reviewed articles (not more than 5 years old)

No Wikipedia citations

Possible points: 300

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