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Writing Assignment (two parts):


Discuss what you would consider as requirements for building a Analytics Organization.  What elements should you consider?  Who should you hire? What skill sets, attributes, experiences are important?  What role can you play in helping your current organization become an Analytics focused organization?  Depending on your industry you may need to be very creative with the last question.


Discuss what is meant by Omnichannel Data.  Use your textbook to help construct your response, but also internalize your understanding and create a discussion that encompasses the various ideas and topics covered in other sections of the course.  Try to integrate those ideas into your discussion on Omnichannel Data.   

Provide your assessment on questioning customers using their data and your analytics.  Design three questions for customers that you would use in your organization that would directly impact operations decision-making.  Explain what you want to accomplish (understand) from each of your three questions.

Make sure to include an APA references page for all your references for this assignment. 

*A minimum of four references, two of which must be your textbooks, are required.

*Length of your paper should be 4 to 6 pages.

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