Answer all questions no refrence page needed or cover page

  I belive you need a sociology book to answer the questions but i think if you search google it should be helpful .

Reading 30 DQ #6, “Fraternities & Rape on Campus,” Martin & Hummer (1989)

1) What was the researcher’s methodology? Pg. 350

2) What role does “masculinity” play in the fraternities, and how was “masculinity” described? 350-351

3) How were pledges hazed? Provide specific examples. Pg. 352

4) Describe each of the practices that are associated w/ fraternity brotherhood that contribute to sexual coercion? (Loyalty, Group Protection, & Secrecy, Alcohol as a Weapon, and Violence & Physical Force) pg. 353-355

5) Describe the fraternities’ commodification of women. Explain each component. Pgs. 355-357

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