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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

For this assignment, you’ll compile a list of sources that address varying perspectives and approaches to the social, political, or ethical problem you chose to write about this term. The goal is to gather a wealth of information on your topic, critically read and understand that information, and assess the validity or credibility of each source. Then, you’ll prepare a critical assessment of the source material you’ve found in which you create an argumentative claim based on and supported by the information you’ve found.

Requirements (These MUST be met in order for your assignment to be eligible for credit):

  • At least SEVEN sources, according to the following guidelines
    • Three articles taken from academic journals housed in our library’s databases
    • Two informative sources draw from the internet at large (NOT argumentative sources)
    • Two Opinion-editorial articles taken from mainstream news media sites
      • The articles you choose must be in opposition to one another—if one is “for” your issue, the other has to be “against” your issue.
  • Sources cited and listed according to the traditions of the Annotated Bibliography assignment:
    • Works Cited entry for source
    • Summary paragraph expressing the main idea of the source and evidence used to generate that main idea, including in-text citations of specific quotes from the source
    • Evaluation paragraph expressing the results of the components of the CRAAP test and the overall credibility of the source, including in-text citations of specific quotes from the source.
    • Repeat for remaining sources (See examples for more guidance)
  • At the end of the document, a 750-1000 word critical assessment of your collected sources in which you discuss them as a whole. Things to consider:
    • To what conclusions do your collected sources as a whole lead?
    • Was anything new, surprising, or interesting?
    • What do your sources say about the importance of your topic?
    • What do your sources say about the currency or relevance of your topic?
    • What do your sources teach about the problem you’re exploring?
  • MLA-formatted documentation, in-text citations, and Works Cited entries
  • Your own original work created for this assignment in this course.

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