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Written Assignment

Once a consumer has recognized a need, a process is set in motion involving an extensive product-information search and careful evaluation of alternatives prior to purchase. Consumers usually conduct searches by comparison shopping, choosing between brands in a certain product category as they focus on individual product attributes. In the real world, this information search and evaluation takes place in an interactive environment where consumers can consult the opinions of others as well as test products. However, how does this process take place on the Web? Hundreds of sites have emerged on the Internet to aid consumers, re-creating the real-world decision-making process on the Web.

Consumer Reports:  

Amazon Product Reviews:   (reviews are provide next to product description)


1.  Briefly describe the purpose of these sites. How are they similar? How are they different?

2.  Do the sites help consumers with an internal or external search? What is the difference between the two? Can an internal search be conducted online? Explain.

3.  Compare online product evaluation with traditional brick-and-mortar evaluation process. What advantage does each have in terms of convenience and usefulness?

Your write-up should be 300+ words in length. Provide as much detail as possible.

Also develop a creative brief using this assignment. The template for the creative brief is in the chapter 8 file in Exhibit 8.2.

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