Adobe muse – building a portfolio website

  MUST HAVE Adobe Muse!!!

Need done in 8 hours

Assignment Instructions:

1. Download the “Adobe Muse – building your first website” PDF from your Lab 5 folder. 

2. Download the Data files for Katie’s Café from Blackboard or use the following link.

3. Save and Unzip the above Data Files to your Desktop.

4. Open the “Adobe Muse – building your first website”

5. Open Adobe Muse Application

6. Using the “Adobe Muse – building your first website” PDF as a guide to help you create a Portfolio Website containing 5 pages.

Page 1: Home (This page should resemble a splash page stating your name, creating a logo, containing an image that defines you, and the navigation bar.)

Page 2: About (This page should written similar to a cover letter.)

Page 3: Resume (This page will display your resume; therefore, find an appropriate way to display your resume.)

Page 4: Portfolio (This page should show your course work or internship projects.)

Page 5: Contact (This page will contain a form that you create, which will allow employers to contact you.)

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