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ACCT 352 Business Info Systems w/Lab


Complete Case 2-1 on page 44 – Bar Harbor Blueberry Farm – in the Accounting Information Systems textbook. Read the entire case and answer the questions posed by the author.

Homework Notes – First, you’ll want to read and study the Overview of Accounting Journals and Ledgers in Doc Sharing. This review will give you a basis for this assignment. You’re required to record the vendor invoices in the Purchases Journal and update the Subsidiary Ledger accounts. After you update the Subsidiary Ledger for a particular invoice, you’ll place a check mark in the Posting Reference column of the Purchases Journal. Second, after all the vendor invoices have been recorded in the Purchases Journal, you’ll have to total the amounts and post the total to the General Ledger accounts for Accounts Payable and Purchases. Finally, you’ll reconcile the total in Accounts Payable to the total of the Subsidiary Ledger accounts. If you do not remember the process, you may need to reference a Principle of Accounting text – look under the section that covers special journals and subsidiary ledgers. Use Excel for this project.






Marshall B. Romney


Brigham Young University


Paul J. Steinbart


Arizona State University (Romney i)


Romney, Marshall B., Paul Steinbart. Accounting Information Systems, 12th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.

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