4 questions on 4 philosophies of punishment | corrections | Valencia College

  Format Instructions

o Please use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins all around.

o Each answer should be approx. 1.5 pages in length.  

o Be sure to cite the source of any quoted material or exact ideas drawn directly from a particular author/article.   This should be done sparingly, however.   If you are speaking generically about a topic and using your own words, based on ideas/information you have gleaned from the readings as a whole, there is no need to cite the author or page.  

Question #1

Compare and contrast the assumptions associated with the philosophies of deterrence and rehabilitation.   

Question #2

Compare and contrast th e assumptions associated with the philosophies of retribution and incapacitation. 

Question #3

Discuss the criticisms associated with each of the 4 philosophies.  Then discuss which philosophy or rather purpose/justification of punishment you believe is superior and why? 

Question #4

What are the core arguments underlying legal and philosophical debates on the definition/meaning of punishment and why are they important to justice policy and practice?  In other words, what are the practical implications of these debates for individuals, offenders, and society; how have these debates impacted the real world?

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