316.10 | Information Systems homework help


Part 1: Answer and provide a brief explanation (30-50 words) to each of the following five questions. 

  1. When writing a report, what is the most important aspect of formatting?

A. A neat appearance

B. Size of the font

C. Consistency

D. Clear use of symbols and abbreviations

  1. Which of the following is an example of a written report?

A. A search warrant

B. An affidavit

C. Voir dire

D. Any of the above

  1. Which of the following      statements about the legal-sequential numbering system, on report writing      is true?

A. It is favored because it is easy to organize and understand

B. It is required for reports submitted in federal court.

C. It does not indicate the relative importance of information

D. It is most effective for shorter reports

  1. Which of the following rules or laws requires an expert to prepare and submit a report?

A. FRCP 26

B. FRE 801

C. Neither

D. Both

Part 2: Explain how to use forensic tools to create reports 

2-1: Search for a Report: Through Internet research, search and find one example of a professional computer forensic report from a software tool other than ProDiscover such as X-Ways Forensics®, OS Forensics®, FTK, ILookIX®, and Encase. Provide a screen capture of the report.

2-2: Compare this Report: How does this new report compare to the report structure found on p. 48 of your book? (Minimum 200 words)

2-3: Evaluate this Report: Evaluate the formatting and features of this new report. Are there any features from this new report that you would apply to a ProDiscover report to enhance it? Explain. Make sure to indicate what actual situations your enhancements might apply to in a Forensic Investigator’s work environment. (Minimum 200 words)

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