3 page autobiographical sketch | Sociology homework help



Note: If you are uncomfortable about writing about yourself, you may write about another person, or you may create a fictional character.

Please write an autobiographical sketch about how you have experienced citizenship and immigration status, race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality in your life. You may choose to write about only two of these categories, but the intersection of several will illuminate the complex fabric of society and your position within it. You might think about when you first became aware of the categories, what your parents said and how they acted, what you learned in school, whether your friends were like you in these aspects, when you felt ashamed or proud about your identity, if you were ever hurt or hurt others, and how the society in which you make your life affected your experiences of these categories. Were there points in your life when you were inspired to re-evaluate your beliefs about this?


Think about  intersectionality, structural oppression, and social construction.  Use examples from your own experiences to help make these concepts vivid and clear. Please apply our course materials to enrich your analysis of your own experiences. Cite heavily from course materials.

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