250 words outline+ 900 words essay 24 hrs

Synthesis Essay

 (via Turnitin on BlackBoard)

Grade value of assignment: 100 points 

Suggested length of assignment: minimum 900 words (about 2 1/2 full pages) not counting references. More is allowed.

Format requirements: APA format: double-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins


Assignment description:

Write a synthesis essay based on the thesis you formulated for class. The essay should focus on a specific purpose (e.g. causes, causes and effects, persuasion, description, solutions, etc.). You must incorporate a minimum of three (3) reliable sources which can include books, journal articles, newspaper articles, documentaries, credible website articles, and personal research. All sources must be cited correctly in-text using APA format, and they must be listed on an APA-formatted reference page at the end of the essay. 

Objectives for developing writing skills:

This writing assignment is meant to develop the following skills: ability to 1) write synthesis assignments, 2) paraphrase, 3) use language for discussing critical analysis, 4) show critical thinking ability through writing, 5) use academic vocabulary, especially reporting verbs, 6) organize and format papers according to American academic conventions, and 7) submit papers on turnitin.com 

Common pitfalls to avoid:

Some essays respond to an author instead of paraphrasing the author’s ideas. Some paraphrases remain too close to the original or are cited incorrectly. Use signal words to indicate when you are discussing the author’s ideas (e.g., “[presenter’s name] mentions….”) and when you are discussing your ideas (e.g., “I agree with the author that…..”)

Post a brief outline of your essay. Choose an essay organization format that best suits your topic and focus (as discussed in class). 

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