2.3 discussion questions | Management homework help


You are to complete the required reading for the week and respond to two of the reflection questions below. The response should be at least 500 words in length, roughly 250 words per question. Use proper APA citation, which should not be part of the word count.


  1. Runde and Flanagan write about four constructive behavioral elements in chapter four. List these elements, and give an illustration of how you would use these in a conflict situation.
  2. Runde and Flanagan state that apologies should never be fake or phony but can be effective in bringing about a peaceful solution? Have you or someone you know ever apologized and were accused of being phony? How did that affect the outcome? What are some ways you could make it clear to the other party that you are sincere?
  3. It is very important to create a safe environment for conflict. How can you create a safe environment to deal with conflict? In your church/workplace? In your home?
  4. Apologizing, making amends, or asking forgiveness is strongly encouraged in the Bible. Quote three biblical passages about the topic of these important elements in a leaders life, and reflect on the scripture’s contribution to leadership.

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