1st draft | English homework help

Do not simply summarize the entire case study. Your main task in this assignment is to focus on evaluating the company’s actions in order to determine whether or not they effectively solved a problem. 

Before beginning your draft, print out both the case study and the assignment guidelines. After reading through the guidelines, read through the case study. Then read through it again and write down the main idea of each paragraph. Then answer these questions listed in the guidelines:

What was the problem encountered by the company? 

What solution was implemented? 

What steps were involved? 

Who implemented the solution? (What company?  What agents within that company?) 

What did people within the company have to say about the solution? 

When was the solution implemented? 

Where was the solution implemented? 

Why this solution? (Was it effective?  How do you know?)

Answering these questions will help you develop your evaluation. 

Then use the rhetorical structure provided in the guidelines to organize your draft.

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